A Sullen Rush and Roar

Amongst the Faded Woods is coming together pretty cool. Only a couple minutes left to edit in.

Time for some well deserved sleep.

You may enjoy my second short that’s going to be released before Dr Grinspoon (because fucking location audio is brutally difficult). It’s a concept based around autumn, the impending death of nature and the fastly approaching winter. It’s an ode to my favourite season.

Fuck my life. I deserve it easy so fuck you.

Got a fat ass trench with a stupid amount of kief in to vape before THE WORLD OF KANAKO!!!!

You should definitely go to see Maidan when it comes out. Incredible documentary on the Ukraine and Russia conflict and the true horror it is to be a human being in this world trying to live free. It’s shot directly in the action; you’ll feel the true horror. It also HAS to be watched in the cinema, you can literally rewatch it a thousand times and see something different every time. 10/10 would recommend.



Last week the U.S. began conducting airstrikes in Syria as part of its war against the Islamic State (a.k.a. ISIS or ISIL). The Obama administration is deliberately hitting oil fields under ISIS control in order to hit them in the moneymaker. American military leaders were quick to say, “The strikes were successful.”

An ISIS fighter under the pseudonym Abu Talha tells CNN that’s a lot of hot air:

We’ve been ready for this for some time. … We know that our bases are known because they’re tracking us with radars and satellites, so we had backup locations. …

We have revenues other than oil. We have other avenues, and our finances are not going to stop just because of oil losses. …

They thought they knew everything. But thank God, they don’t know anything. And God willing, we will defeat the infidels.

They hit us in some areas, and we advance in other. … If we are pushed back in Iraq, we advance in northern Syria. These strikes cannot stop us, our support or our fighters

Can we take his word for it? If not, the former head of the U.K.’s military also says that airstrikes aren’t going to work.

President Barack Obama acknowledged yesterday that his administration has “underestimated" the Islamic State.

America’s bombing campaign could cost as much as $10 billion a year, according to Foreign Affairs.

Several foreign policy voices have said American airstrikes run the serious risk of bringing together ISIS with other anti-American jihadists while angering moderate rebels that have previously been pro-U.S.

Can we end the bombing. Let ISIS create their insane theocracy and then eventually face the insurrection you know they’ll have sooner or later. Beg our Western leaders to let the tiny bit of remaining world outside crony capital-global banking cartel to develop itself and then succeed or crumble but we stay out of it regardless. It is not worth intervening and we can win a much more important philosophical battle against them if they fail on their own. But killing them won’t work. Why are the leaders of the once enlightened West so utterly blind to this very obvious dilemma?

Let ISIS create their insane theocracy and then eventually face the insurrection you know they’ll have sooner or later.”

That’s the very extent of it. A civilization needs to be given a time to evolve. The western world had hundreds of years of civil war before we could live in relative peace with each other. The underdeveloped world is going through the same motion and it needs to be allowed to happen for true social evolution.

The lessons can not be learned if the bad isn’t allowed to happen.

I hate work

do you think 9/11 was a conspiracy?


Yes and no but it’s almost irrelevant. The conspiracy was everyone, us and them and the world in between. Us for merely existing with our ridiculous wealth and influence and them for crashing the party. It inaugurated the new era we live in now. I’ll never forget watching the towers fall live on television in high school. When the bell rang we left in a daze, wandered the hallways as though we were waiting for a commercial break to end until we got to our next class and returned to the spectacle, the same horrific action unfolding on the screen. It was upsetting and also really eerie. Nobody saw the first plane and even after the second plane hit it seemed to disappear into the building and then the towers fell on their own. There were no bad guys as in typical violent media, but what we watched instead were iconic symbols of Western speed and power - commercial airliners and massive skyscrapers - being perversely used against each other to cancel each other out in front of the entire world. And so whatever happened before is almost meaningless because the attacks changed things, they were a success, regardless of whoever was truly behind them. The Patriot Act passed, Guantanamo Bay opened, Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded, we’re up to our eyes in debt, people are starving, out of work and dispirited. Does anybody remember the feeling at the end of the 90s as the new millennium got closer? There was real excitement and hope. All of that is gone now, and instead of moving forward we are now moving backwards as the 21st century unfolds. The West peaked, the historical Other gave us a rude awakening and now we must go about the business of regression. Shrinking economies, smaller paychecks, much less love. Hundreds of years of progress in civilization unraveled due to a single ultra event, the event to end all events matched only by our equally over the top reaction to it.


Letting my sweet baba get some shuteye before recording #evh #wolfgang #shred


Letting my sweet baba get some shuteye before recording #evh #wolfgang #shred