A Sullen Rush and Roar

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Stopped procrastinating and started writing my next short, the first one I’ve actually scripted, and probably one of the most complicated things I’ll ever try to write.

Lunch time with park view of Tower Bridge and Drugs

Lunch time with park view of Tower Bridge and Drugs



Just a reminder that the LGBT community isn’t some magical place where everyone is accepted. 

Welcome to the LGBT “community,” where the B is made-up and the T doesn’t matter!

Cloudy with a chance of spliff

Cloudy with a chance of spliff

When the nerds ruled the internet

It started with cat videos, then some memes like trollface and maybe some offensive humour. Then YouTube got popular. Then planking started happening and the chavs got involved and made it dangerous. Now they’re just punching each other in the chest for fun… The mainstream genuinely shits on alternative culture and ruins it for everyone.

Modern civilization and society is me having to go to work when I can barely even get out of bed because mental health issues are laughed at.

All I want to do is watch Under The Skin on loop…

Basically just made the decision to start playing violin. Expand my repertoire or whatever (and because I don’t have the space for a cello yet).

My mum just regurgitates my statements on how the Brazil world cup is disgusting because of all of the human injustice surrounding it but sits down and watches the England game. Are you having a fucking laugh?